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KBMS Digital Signage 180x180

Let Kiland's Business Management Systems help you with your Digital Signage needs. You can advertise what you want where you want.

Some of the uses of Digital Signage are:

Replace Posters respond faster to any changes in your market

Add or change Sales Promotions at anytime

Advertising can be updated immediately

Emergency Alerts Enhance Safety

Notify Employees of internal updates, training, etc.

Streamline Communications

Some of the benefits of Digital Signage are:

Lower costs

Respond faster to changing markets

Quicker promotions based on, seasons, inventory, price changes, etc.

Enhance customer experience



KBMS Sales Portal

Salesman Online Tools

What is Ktrack? A whole goods identification system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology which uses radio waves to automatically identify equipment via a reader to keep awareness of your lot's equipment in real-time!

Want to work from you iPhone or Android Smartphone?

 Now you can Punch In/Out of workorders!

Create New workorders!

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